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Korean Television Dramas and All Factors Korean Invading the Philippines
07.08.2017 22:52


It was bound to happen. The increasing popularity of Korean Television dramas inside the Philippines coupled with all the mass migration of Koreans towards the nation was bound to affect the entertainment industry in more techniques than 1. Recently, the neighborhood airwaves have already been dominated by Korean pop (Kpop) music particularly by those on the Wonder Girls and 2NE1. Get extra information about korea tv

And part of the Kpop group 2NE1 is Sandara Park, who used to become probably the most well-known celebrities within the Philippines. Presently, Boys Over Flowers is arguably the favored tv show by Filipinos at this time. The ladies have fallen in love together with the members of the Korean F4, specifically Lee Min-ho and Kim Bum.

So it was inevitable that there would be some tie ups between Korean actors and Filipina actresses. A commercial starring Lee Min-ho and Sandara Park was released in Korea just about a month ago. The advertisement for OB's Cass Beer featured a kissing scene amongst the two celebrities which made a large number of Filipinos turn green with envy.

And just a couple of weeks back Kim Bum came to the Philippines so as to shoot a series of RC Cola commercials with local celebrity Maja Salvador. The set of commercials which can be scheduled for release quickly will have a romantic theme. It appears as if this is only the starting of tie-ups among the two countries, at the least in the entertainment business.

Some even say that a Korean invasion is at the moment taking place in the country. You will discover a lot more Koreans studying in Philippine schools and universities. Korean magazines are now available in local bookstores and their music is now getting sold in record shops. Quite a few grocery stores and restaurants have already been opened by Koreans as well.

Possibly it truly is only a matter of time before they start out becoming heads of neighborhood providers plus the like-maybe even surpassing the achievement from the Chinese inside the nation. Only time will tell. But for now we really should just take pleasure in all the Korean Tv Dramas and music our hearts wish.



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